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Missel Landscaping & Property Services Inc. offers its clients numerous property maintenance services, including full landscaping and lawn care.

Services include:

  • Hardscaping projects using natural stone, interlock brick, flagstone, etc.

  • Excavating, grading and drainage

  • Tree planting

  • Flower and shrub planting and trimming

  • Lawn maintenance (grass cutting, fertilizing and weeding, repair and sodding)

  • Spring opening and fall closing services

  • Commercial snow ploughing and salting

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A well manicured lawn is not only enjoyed by the property owner, but anyone that sees it. 

Whether you’re maintaining a commercial or residential property, your goal will be to impress anyone visiting the grounds.

First impressions speak volumes!! 


MISSEL Landscaping & Property Services Inc. offers the following services to keep your lawn looking immaculate:

  • Lawn care and maintenance

  • Weed control and fertilization

  • Hedge trimming

  • Custom garden design and maintenance

  • Roto Tilling

  • Aerating

  • Sod repair and replacement

  • Top dressing and overseeding

  • Lawn rolling

  • French drains


Sodding your property will provide instant gratification, as there is no wait-time for seeds to germinate and grow.

When installing sod, we only use the highest quality of topsoil and sod from local companies. With proper daily watering by the homeowner, the sod will continue to grow, providing a lush, beautiful green lawn for everyone to enjoy!



Viburnum Plant

Trees, plants and shrubs are required to complete landscape designs.   They have many purposes; they can provide privacy, fragrance, reduce noise or simply beautify your property.

Choosing the proper trees and shrubs to include in your landscape design is very important.  We will take the time to discuss your needs and recommend the appropriate plantings that will enhance your property.

Our vast network of nurseries helps us to ensure plantings are chosen for the appropriate soil richness, sun exposure and desired appearance.


We encourage you to participate in choosing the appropriate plantings for your property. Our garden design consultant will schedule a meeting to discuss your vision and put thoughts to paper.

Herb Plants


Let us do the work for you!!  Be sure to call MISSEL Landscaping & Property Services for Spring and Fall Clean-ups.


Spring Clean-ups focus on removing debris that accumulated during the winter, removing old mulch from gardens, de-thatching and fertilizing the grass, and performing any pruning that plants require to prepare them for the growing season.

We offer the following Spring Clean-up Services:

  • Power raking/blowing of Lawn, removing old debris and leaves from winter

  • Re-Shaping, edging and trenching of garden beds

  • Removal of any winter protection of trees and shrubs

  • Preventative weed control

  • Mulching of garden beds

  • Sweeping and clearing of walkways, driveways, patios and other stone areas

  • Disposal of all garden waste


Fall clean-ups focus on preparing your yard and gardens for the winter.  Some tasks include raking leaves and pine needles, final mow of the lawn, fertilizing the grass, removal of applicable plant life from gardens, and insulating various shrubs to protect them from the cold harsh winter weather.

We offer the following Fall Clean-up Services:

  • Raking of lawn and garden beds

  • Final Lawn Mow

  • Removal of annual plants from garden

  • Trimming of Perennial Plants

  • Applying protective covers for applicable trees & shrubs

  • Digging and edging of garden beds

  • Fertilizing of grass


Our clean-up services can be customized to your individual garden and property needs.  We offer lawn maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.

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